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Annotation Scaling: Making Drawings Smarter with Intelligent Text
(GD315-1P) originally presented 12/4/2008 at Autodesk University 2008
as part of the AutoCAD PowerTrack

Do you find it confusing that you draw everything full-size in AutoCAD, but when it comes to text and annotations, you've got to think about the scale at which the drawing will eventually be plotted? Well, no more. The Annotation Scaling functionality in AutoCAD lets you create text, dimensions, hatch patterns, and other annotation objects that automatically change their size and placement to match the scale of the viewport. In other words, annotation scale is now automated. See how easy it is to apply annotation properties to text, dimensions, leaders, tolerances, blocks, attributes, and hatches. In this class you will learn everything you need to know to create annotation styles and apply annotation scales to layout viewports and model space. The annotation scaling tools can save you hours of time previously spent calculating scale factors, and creating, editing, and managing drawing annotations at multiple scales.

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