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DC Does DC
December 6, 2006

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In spite of being totally exhausted after his week in Las Vegas at Autodesk University, David traveled to Washington, DC for an AUGI CAD Camp the following week. Photos of the actual event are available on David's Flickr site. Afterwards, David had dinner with Josh Hageman and his fiancée Erica.


The day after the event was a beautiful day. A late afternoon return flight afforded some time to be a tourist.

The first stop was the recently opened International Spy Museum, a private museum covering all manner of spy craft. It proved to be a very interesting 2-hours. Next he walked over to the National Mall to get a good look at the Capital, Smithsonian, Washington Monument, and other buildings on the Mall.

A group of Chinese tourists afforded a rare opportunity for David to actually pose for a photo. Then, of course, each of the tourists wanted to have their photo taken with David. There was also still enough time to walk to the other end of the Mall to take a few photos of the White House.

The new National Museum of the American Indian definitely lived up to its reputation as a beautiful architectural addition to the Mall. Although there wasn't enough time to go inside, a brief walk around the exterior showed off the interesting play of light and shadows.

A visit will definitely have to be planned for a future visit to Washington, DC.



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