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Sean Angus' Wedding
March 21, 2004

(click an image for a larger view)

Bruce's high school/college/Air Force roommate Sean Angus got married. Bruce was the Best Man. The entire Cohn family (David, Genny, Bruce, Andrea, Emma, and Clarice) were in attendance. So here are some family photos taken at the wedding. 

I should also mention that these are all fairly large photos. David just got his new Canon 10D digital SLR camera on Friday night and used it for the first time at the wedding. These images are JPEG compressed from what the camera originally saved (to reduce the overall file size) but the images are still 6.3 megapixels each in resolution. If you want to view them in their full resolution, right-click and save them to your computer, and then view them using a paint or photo-viewing program.

We had a great time. The wedding was at 4pm on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Renton, WA, just south of Seattle. The wedding and reception were at a country club.

There are lots of other photos, but I figured you'd only really be interested in the ones of the Cohn family. I threw in a few of the wedding party just the same.

When it came time for dancing, however, it was mostly the Cohn family out on the dance floor. What can I say. We like to dance.

Sean and Serena left the party around 9pm in a vintage Cadillac limo.

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