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Dad Visits Lori
Sunday, September 5 and Friday, September 17, 2004

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We had a very nice visit with Lori and Allen on the Sunday before Labor Day. Barney had just arrived from New Jersey. Andrea and her fiancée Josh were there.

Lori had to do some work to catch up at the office and helped Emily with some stuff.

Everyone just relaxed. And then we all went out for dinner. A week later, we came down from Bellingham to have Shabbat dinner at Lori's. Bruce was back from overseas and was able to be there as well. Barney commented that he had two-thirds of his family there, and then some.

Everyone helped out in the kitchen. And afterwards, we all kicked back and relaxed.

Downstairs, Andrea, Emma, and Clarice battled it out playing Dance Dance Revolution. And then Emma and Clarice vamped it up and spent some quality time with their older brother.



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