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Halloween 2001

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With Genny's incredible talent as a theatrical costume designer, Halloween always ends up being a big deal at our house. This year, she made no fewer than two sets of costumes each for Emma and Clarice. Several days before Halloween, they went to a party dressed as a witch and a princess.

It usually rains on Halloween in Bellingham. Don't ask me why. It's just part of life in the Pacific Northwest. This year, however, the rain held off during the afternoon, giving us a chance to "trick or treat" in downtown Bellingham. The local merchants always do a nice job of making it a fun afternoon. This time around, Emma was dressed as Professor McGonagal from the Harry Potter books and Clarice dressed as one of the new Charlie's Angles. 

David supervised the carving of the pumpkins this year. Basically, David had to scoop out all the seeds and interior "goop." The girls did the rest.

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