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A New Home

Congregation Beth Israel has now completed the preliminary master planning phase of the design for our new building. This page provides information about the new building so that members can get a better understanding of what the proposed new building might look like.

An interactive 3D model of the new building has been created using a software program called Revit that enables architects to actually model the building in three-dimensions. That computer model was then saved in a special 3D format called DWF. You will need a DWF viewer application in order to view this model. If you do not already have a suitable viewer installed on your computer, the Autodesk DWF Viewer should automatically download in a few seconds. Once the install is complete, you will see the 3D model below.

If you are unable to complete this install you can also manually download the Autodesk DWF Viewer.

If you are not familiar with the DWF Viewer interface, you can use the toolbar, mouse roller wheel, or right-click menu to pan and zoom. If you click the Orbit tool, you can then move around the model in 3D. You can also right-click and then use the Navigator to turn individual objects on and off. For example, we suggest that you turn off the roof so that you can look inside the model. You can also use the Print command to print copies of the model to any Windows system printer. Controls in the Print dialog box allow you to control the scale of the printed site plan.


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